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Four Corner's Bass Masters

14th Annual BIG BASS OIL & GAS

Junior Bass Masters
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About the Tournament
The Big Bass Oil and Gas tournament will be a team format. There will only 2 persons per team. The entry fee is $80.00 per boat. There will be 5 hourly big bass weigh in times. They will be 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm and 1pm. There will be a total of 5 fish per boat allowed. During the hourly weigh in the team's fish will count toward the final weigh in. Pay outs will be based on the number of entries. Estimated pay outs will be 1 per 5 entries. Hourly and final weigh-ins will be held at the Pine Marina (by the store). The awards ceremony will be held at Abe's Restaurant and Lounge immediately following the final weigh-in. Abe's is also one of our hourly sponsors this year.
Official Rules:
The off limits area will be from the back side of the island around the house boats. Do not fish inside this area. The marina around the Pine will also be off limits anywhere inside the no wake zone. Any area that is designation by New Mexico State Parks or Fish and Wildlife as a 'no fishing area' will be off limits. Any contestant receiving a citation for any reason will be disqualified. Life vests will be required when the big motor is in operation. We expect courteous angler behavior. This includes normal rules of fishing by bank anglers or anglers on that have anchored and have their trolling motor out of the water. The expected safe distance in these situations is 50 yards or 150 feet. All boats must have safety equipment per the New Mexico State Statute for the boat that they are operating. Anyone found operating a boat in an unsafe manner will also be disqualified. If you have any questions you may contact either Kellie Skelton, President of FCBM at 505-564-3366, or Sam Walker, Tournament Director of FCBM at 505-334-9252. Thank you.
Tournament Start Time:
The Tournament will begin at Safe Light...Officers will be available at 0500 for sign up. Thank you.

Four Corners Bass Masters * PO Box 5637 * Farmington, NM * US * 87499-5637

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